Iseltrail – Follow your river.

7 nights incl. half board, free hiking bus and Iseltrail starter pack.

Feel the power of the water and experience how you become more relaxed with every step. Long-distance hiking “light” with daily start and finish at the Ortnerhof base camp. Here you can regenerate and enjoy.

Hikers on a river bridge with green meadows and rocks in the background - Hotel Ortnerhof

11.06. – 05.10.2024


7 nights incl. half board, free hiking bus and Iseltrail starter pack from 655,00 â‚Ź per person

Services included:
  • 7 overnight stays
  • Ortnerhof’s gourmet board
  • 1 Iseltrail starter pack (Iseltrail T-shirt and water bottle)
  • Free hiking bus that takes you daily from the Ortnerhof to the next stage or back.
  • Ortnerhof wellness time in the wellness area


Natural wonder ISEL

The ISEL wild river is the longest free-flowing glacial river in the Alps. Largely unbridled, the “pulsating lifeline of East Tyrol” rushes from its source at the Umbalkees (2,500 m) down the valley to Lienz (668 m), where it flows into the Drau.
The many faces of the ISEL: wild, unique, magical, secluded, refreshing, unspoilt, untamed, spirited, mysterious, magical.

Our recommendation: Iseltrail in 5 stages

Day 1 – Islands, sandy beaches and gravel banks
(approx. 16 km, 4:30 h)
Take the hiking bus directly from the Ortnerhof to the starting point in Lienz (railway station). Start the leisurely hike along the Isel, which still flows calmly here, to St. Johann im Walde. A leisurely return by hiking bus to the Ortnerhof base camp.

Day 2 – Living river
(approx. 14.5 km, 4 h)
Take the hiking bus from Ortnerhof back to St. Johann im Walde. Up the valley towards Matrei, the Isel now becomes steadily livelier and more rapid. Once you arrive in Matrei (Auerfeld bus stop), the hiking bus takes you directly back to the Ortnerhof.
Ortnerhof tip: regenerate in the sauna.

Day 3 – Fairytale wilderness
(approx. 14 km, 4:30 h)
On the journey to Matrei, you can already guess from the window where your path will take you today. Between Matrei and PrĂ€graten, the valley narrows and the wild river shows its impetuous side. The Iseltrail looks like a fairytale here and leads mainly through forests, past crystal-clear streams. On the last 2 kilometres of this stage, the Isel becomes quite temperamental as it rages through the Isel Gorge.
Ortnerhof tip: Back at the Ortnerhof, a mountain pine oil massage will do you the world of good. (optionally bookable)

Day 4 – Breathtaking water force
(approx. 13 km, 5 h)
Well refreshed and rested, you start what is probably the most challenging stage directly from the Ortnerhof. With the head of the valley and its imposing mountain peaks in sight, you first head into the valley at a leisurely pace for approx. 6 km. Then the Isel shows its wild side again: time and again it plunges over massive rock steps. After a stop at the Islitzeralm, the trail leads you along the water trail of the Umbal Falls up into the high alpine wilderness of the Hohe Tauern National Park to the Clara Hut (2,038 m).

Day 5 – Back to the source
(approx. 16 km, 5:30 h)
The Ortnerhof experience tip: Get up early and enjoy the sunrise in the mountains! The sun slowly appears mysteriously behind the mountain peaks and is the first to shine brightly on the mighty Rötspitze high above the valley. The last few metres up to the source of the Isel initially lead across flower-filled meadows, but then it gets steep and barren. At 2,500 metres above sea level, you finally reach the glacier tongue of the Umbalkees, the birthplace of the Isel. It seems almost magical how the ice turns into green-blue water here and slowly makes its way down into the valley. Take another deep breath of fresh mountain air and savour the panorama. Back in Ströden, take the bus back to Bobojach to the Ortnerhof base camp.

*Catering and overnight stay at the Clara Hut are not included in the package. We recommend booking in advance at the hut.