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A group of riders in the mountains - Hotel Ortnerhof

Your discovery holiday in Pr√§graten and on the Gro√üvenediger

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern

Naturally impressive.

A fantastic, unspoilt mountain world is waiting to be discovered. The Nationalpark Hohe Tauern is the largest protected area in the Eastern Alps and impresses with its naturalness. A variety of animal and plant species. Mountain meadows and alpine pastures. Majestic peaks and tranquil mountain lakes. Gushing glacial streams with impressive waterfalls. And at the heart of it all, there lies our village of Pr√§graten on the Gro√üvenediger, a true insider tip for those seeking peace and quiet and active nature lovers.

Hikers in the foreground, a stream and various stone houses in the background - Hotel Ortnerhof

Nature watch

Pack your rucksack, put on your hiking boots and head out into the wild nature of the national park. Experience the diverse and unique high mountain landscape accompanied by a national park ranger. They will take you to the most beautiful places, share exciting stories about our flora and fauna and show you the Big Five of the national park. An experience for young and old.

The Ortnerhof advantage: one guided ranger tour is included for our guests in summer and winter.

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A father embraces his son on a snow-covered mountain, with six other hikers in the background - Hotel Ortnerhof

Wild glaciers

The largest glacier areas in the Eastern Alps are located in the Hohe Tauern. The enormous landscape-shaping power of glaciers is impressive. They once shaped and moulded our valleys. Many summit regions of the Tauern are still covered in snow and ice all year round.

At 3,657 metres, the Gro√üvenediger is the highest mountain in the Venediger group and is known for its breathtaking, wild glacial landscape.


The Ortnerhof hiking tip:

Discover the fascinating ‚Äúworld in eternal ice‚ÄĚ on the Innergschl√∂ss glacier trail. A guided national park hike to Schlatenkees.

Three hikers on an iron plateau and a waterfall nearby - Hotel Ortnerhof

The Umbal Falls

Experience the impressive power of the element of water up close on Europe’s first water show trail. The circular hiking trail along the thundering waterfalls towards the source of the Isel glacier river is a fantastic experience. It is breath taking to watch the huge masses of water thundering down the valley and the wild river shaping the landscape and rocks.

A woman looks at the waterfall - Hotel Ortnerhof

The Isel

The source river of East Tyrol springs from the Umbalkees and is the longest, free-flowing glacial river in the Alps. Here in the Virgental valley, the Isel shows its wild side: waterfalls, gorges, cataracts and rapids. Beautiful by nature.

Get here. Breathe. Recharge your batteries.

Holiday in the national park

Finally escape from everyday life and into nature. Treat yourself to a natural time-out in the middle of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern region. Real, original and authentic. Your ‚ÄúNational Park Experience‚ÄĚ begins with us at the Hotel Ortnerhof.

We are an official partner of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern East Tyrol because …

‚Ķ we are at home in the middle of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern region.
… sustainability is part of the company philosophy.
… we live and work with respect for nature and the preservation of our resources.
… we strengthen and value regional identity.
… the preservation of nature through ecological responsibility is important to us.


National Park partner